General Policy

It is our policy to maintain a well regulated public facility, operated with an emphasis on the safety and good conduct of our patrons. Our rules and regulations are firmly and fairly enforced. Because of the normal risk of maintaining balance on skates, and the probability of occasional contact between skaters, accidents can and do happen. You must voluntarily assume the risk of injury when you skate. As well, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

By entering our building, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations.

Premises Rules

  • Toe stops or dance plugs are required for skates with this option.
  • To prevent damage to our floor, personal skates are subject to inspection.
    Be prepared to rent if your skates are dirty or damaged.
  • All food and drinks must remain in snack bar area.
  • No outside food is allowed unless you have reserved one of our party rooms.
  • No gum-chewing by anyone.
  • No smoking on the premises, indoors or out.
  • No intoxication of any kind.
  • No profanity.
  • No alcohol or drugs allowed on the premises

Skating Conduct

  • Anyone who does not practice safe skating may be asked to leave.
  • No pushing, tripping or playing tag.
  • No skating faster than the average flow of traffic in a manner hazardous to other skaters.
  • No foreign objects on the skating floor.
  • No squatting except during a designated special skate.
  • No stopping along the wall. Skaters must attempt to keep moving at all times.
  • No eating or drinking on or near the skating floor.
  • No sitting on or climbing over any wall surrounding the skating floor.
  • Jumps, spins, or dancing are to be kept to the center of the floor, and are at the discretion of management.
  • Children cannot be carried by anyone wearing skates.
  • We do not allow off skate dancing or walking on our skate floor (unless during a game or activity hosted by the DJ)

Dress Code

  • Neatness and cleanliness of all patrons is required. No clothing that could be considered distasteful to our family environment will be allowed.
  • No bare feet. Socks are required for skate rental.
  • Helmets are permitted.
  • No loose clothing that might get caught in the wheels, or trip the skater.
  • No bandanas.

Frequent Questions


What are your hours of operation?

The Current Hours section will show the most current hours. If there isn't a seasonal schedule there, please see the Regular Hours section.

When should I bring my kids and people who can't skate yet?

The best time to learn to skate or have small children at the rink is during weekday skating sessions and daytime hours. There are fewer skaters on the floor at these times. We do have skate floor patrols to help you keep an eye on your little ones.


How much does it cost to get in?

Please see here and check the Current Hours section for any updates.

Do parents and adults who aren't skating still have to pay admission?

No, parents are welcome to come in and supervise their children free of charge. The only exception is the $1 Monday evening session; all entrants must pay admission for this session.

Do kids have to pay if they are not skating and are just coming to hang out?


Do I receive a discount for a large group?

Please see here. You may be eligible for a discount with groups of 20 or more.

Do you offer coupons or other special deals?

Please see here for any current specials. The Monday evening session is $1 admission. Large groups may be eligible for an admission discount, as described here. Products available in the Skate Shop are often discounted, and buyers may receive free admission passes with their purchase. Our Extreme Party package will also include a number of free admission passes. Please visit our Facebook page for special deals Facebook Page.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AMEX. Sorry, no checks.

Skates & Rink

What type and size skates do you have?

We offer two styles of quad skates, as well as inlines. Available sizes begin at a toddler 8 and extend to men's 16. Full sizes only, no half sizes.

Can I wear my Heelys?

Sorry, because Heelys do not have wheels in the front and back and are not intended for "roller skating," they are not permitted.

What kind of music do you play and do you take requests?

Generally, we play popular Top 40 music. We can only take requests for music suitable for all ages. This is to say, no foul langage or questionable subjects. We have a wide range of customers and do not want to offend anyone or set a bad example.

Do I have to skate, or can I walk on the floor? Do you allow wheelchairs?

We have a separate practice rink for parents to walk with minors. When the practice rink is closed, parents with children may walk on the main rink, but only in the center of the floor between the cones. Other skaters may not walk. Unfortunately, wheelchairs are not allowed the skating floor.

What goes on at a public skating session?

Many sessions have a variety of special skates: All-Skate, Backwards, Couples. We also host races among the various age groups and games.

If my child doesn't skate well, can I walk on the floor to assist him/her?

Yes, on the separate practice rink. If the practice rink is closed, you may walk with your child on the center section of the main rink between the cones.


Do you offer skating lessons?

We offer lessons through affiliates. One is listed here. Speed skating lessons are also available.

Do you sell food?

Yes! A partial list of concessions ia available here.

Can I use a laptop at your facility? What's the Wifi password?

Yes, and the password for our wireless network is 'allamerican', no quotes. Enjoy our free Wifi!

How much are games in the arcade?

Most games are between $0.25 and $0.75 per play.

Does your pro shop have skates or you have to order them?

We carry many major roller skates and boots and have most sizes in our shop or warehouse. If not, we will order and have them in a timely manner.

Do you have entertainment for non-skaters?

We have televisions set up in our snack area for the enjoyment of our parents and non-skaters.


What do you supply for the parties?

That depends on the party package. Details are here

Can we have balloons, a pinata, or cake and ice cream like we would at home?

Balloons are fine, though we don't have a safe place for pinatas.. The general rule for food is that no outside food is allowed but cake and cupcakes with a party pacakge. We also ask no confetti or silly string may be brought into the facility.

How do I book a party?

Call us at (770) 469-9775. You can talk to our staff or leave a message and we will quickly get back to you.

When can I book a party?

At any time during normal opening hours!

May I bring cake if I did not schedule a birthday party package?

No, no outside food or drink may be brought into the facility.

Do you rent the rink out for private parties?

We do rent out the rink during our closed times. For more information on pricing and availability contact a member of our staff.

Is there refund on the deposits toward birthday or private parties?

Sorry, no. Once a party was booked there are no refunds.

Contact Us

(770) 469-9775
(770) 469-9774
5400 Bermuda Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087-3567

Phones will be staffed during regular business hours.